How do you modernise workplace learning?

If you are doing workplace learning or know someone who is doing so, make sure you have the necessary little black rectangle in your pocket and that your colleague is typing on a keyboard. This little reminder will let you know that you live in a world where people use technology in the office. And, if you find these things, you are ready to modernise learning in the workplace.

The main step is to change your mindset

 Now think about how you will learn as much as possible in your workplace. Look at the scene. A medium to large room with tables and chairs, a whiteboard view, a trainer and a series of PowerPoint presentations. Interestingly, the only technology in the room is controlled by the educator, and you can use a pad of paper and a pen yourself. It is important to know that in some countries, the French Alliance (Alliance Française) and the French Embassy announce competitions to modernise learning.

Modern learners will guide you

If workplace learning is to be modernised, anyone working in learning and development or human resources needs to understand what learning is. If you haven't done so, now is the time to get to know the 'modern learner', an expert who uses professional learning and development methods to learn on the job using technologies that promote autonomy and development. In recent years, modern learners have changed. They turn on their multifunctional phone 9 times an hour, do 30% of their work outside the company and use mobile devices to find answers to questions immediately. This is still enough to apply modern learning methods in the workplace to develop skills and abilities. However, for this type of learning, it is important to have the 'right toolbox', in other words, the system and the content.

Creating an excellent listening culture with modern online educational content

 If we go back to the notion of 'binge watching'. In fact, it can help to understand how the field of learning and development can change the trend of mass culture to encourage a motivated use of educational content.  When development tools and training plans are available and tailored to the needs of the individual or 'learning public', binge learning has its potential. Learners can easily train immediately as they fully watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. For the record, some national public bodies federating chambers of trade and craft have powerful recommendations for modernising apprenticeships.
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