What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a new learning process. Electronic multimedia is the medium of education in this field. In order to understand what microlearning really is, it is essential to know its characteristics. We will then look at its dimensions and limitations, and finally cite some examples.

The characteristics of microlearning

As its name suggests, microlearning often uses microcontent. Learning is usually in the form of multimedia files. The world is currently undergoing a digital transformation. Internet access is available almost everywhere and the performance of mobile telecommunications networks has improved enormously. This makes it possible to upload, view or download multimedia files. It is in this context that the concept of microlearning has evolved. The duration of a microlearning session often varies from a few seconds to about fifteen minutes. Lessons can be broken down into several parts. This allows them to be assimilated in the process of short learning tasks.

Dimensions and limitations of microlearning

Microlearning allows knowledge to be acquired without making long efforts. Time is a key parameter in this field. As far as the content is concerned, it is essential that it is structured in relatively small units. So, if you want to create a microlearning file, knowing how to break down long lessons into small units is the basis. The form that learning should take is in a few episodes. The education process is integrated and based on the method of repetition and participation. It also needs to be pragmatic and constructive. In general, the most used types of media in this field are mainly electronic and single-user.

Some examples of microlearning

In microlearning, the education system is embedded in everyday life. You can access the learning from your screen. Some types are integrated into the screensaver of your device. In effect, the user is prompted to solve certain simple tasks when the device registers a certain amount of inactivity. Microlearning is also available in areas where only the 2G mobile telecommunications network is available. It is possible to receive a multiple-choice questionnaire on your mobile phone via SMS. People who often check their e-mail boxes have the possibility to receive the microlearning called word of the day. This type is also available using the RSS feed. An interactive tutorial through a short sequence can also be used during a training.
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