What is business English?

To succeed in a specific professional environment, mastery of business English is essential. It has become a selection criterion when applying for an important position in a company. It is an important and widely used language in all areas of…

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5 tips for writing your cover letter in English

Are you applying for a job in an English-speaking company? You’ll need the best cover letter to compete with the natives who are applying for the job at the same time as you. Like any important letter, there are certain…

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How does the IELTS test process work?

After months of study and preparation you are ready to take the IELTS test. But first you need to know the different phases of the test to understand it properly. Here are the 4 parts of the IELTS test. Paper…

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How can I pass the speaking part of the TOEFL-IBT?

In fact, there are plenty of ways to pass the speaking part of the TOEFL- IBT. A specialised website, for instance, can help you pass this test successfully. Also, a good preparation of the TOEFL- IBT exam can be done…

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The TOEIC test: what do you need to know before taking it?

Knowledge of English is essential in the professional world. It also allows you to follow an international university course. To prove yoyr abilityto do this, you are usually required to take the Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC….

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