The TOEIC test: what do you need to know before taking it?

Knowledge of English is essential in the professional world. It also allows you to follow an international university course. To prove yoyr abilityto do this, you are usually required to take the Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC.

More about the TOEIC test

For non-English speakers, the TOEIC test assesses their knowledge of the English language in both written and spoken skills. It is a standardised certification recognised by higher education institutions as well as companies. Thus, passing this test may be required to enter a university course or to work in a company where a command of English is required. The TOEIC is administered by the Educational Testing Service located in the United States. It should be noted, however, that the certificate is only valid for two years, after which the person must undergo another assessment. In France, thousands of tests are carried out each year. And to sit for them, it is preferable to be well prepared. There are several ways to do this, such as preparing for the TOEIC test on the Internet. It is an easy way for many people to prepare for the test at their own convenience.

Existing TOEIC tests

For those who need to take a TOEIC test, there are currently three ones available. The first is the TOEIC Listening and Reading test, which is designed to test the listening and reading skills. This test is designed for learners whose level in English ranges between intermediate and advanced. The test takes the form of an MCQ with 100 questions for listening comprehension and 100 questions for reading comprehension. The time allotted for taking this test is two hours. It should also be noted that the test is taken on paper. As for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test, which evaluate oral and written expression, it takes place on the Internet. Like the first, this second version of the TOEIC test is intended for people from an intermediate to an advanced level. Finally, the third category is the TOEIC Bridge, which assesses the written and oral comprehension skills of those with a beginner to intermediate level of English. The MCQ of this bridge test is offered on paper.

The TOEIC score

Each TOEIC test is assigned a score. The maximum score for the TOEIC Listening and Reading is 990. Generally speaking, what constitutes a good score depends on the individual. However, universities and companies require candidates to obtain at least 750 points. In France, engineering schools require a score of 785. In order to obtain a score that is acceptable by the target structures and have his or her certificate recognised, each candidate must therefore prepare well for the TOEIC test.
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